Silent Whispers

The wind doesn't know what it whispers these days,
The weather has always held a power to amaze,
Each time there's a different tune the rain plays,
I don't like how dangerously the coconut tree sways.

The heart was never afraid of being set on fire,
I have realized love is something we can't acquire,
You also can't expect to find it in a proven liar,
It can't be found in someone full of worldly desire.

I can't find someone who makes my heart whisper,
Someone who makes life seem like a fun adventure,
Someone who finds beauty in the endless azure,
Someone who laughs with me as I turn balder.

Life is all about small moments is what I've heard,
It ain't a broth that needs to be carefully stirred,
It is about embracing that which is unheard,
Finding some lessons which can be transferred.

Letter To A Heartbroken Friend

Dear closed door heart,

I know my friend how hurt you are feeling at the moment. There's not much to be found brooding over broken trust. There's not much to be found being a locked up heart too.

Yes, trust is hard to earn and gain. Have you ever heard of a mountain goat that didn't want to climb a cliff just because it's hoofs were sliding all over? It kept trying until it eventually climbed up? Right?

Yes, one can be a bit more circumspect about whom to trust. Yes, one can always talk a little less freely with people. I don't deny that. But, becoming an emotionless stone is never an option.

Don't you forget I am still there for you. I will make sure every decision you make has my advice and approval. I will make sure you have my support when you feel wronged by someone. I will make sure you can always count on me.

Your concerned friend.

The Unforeseen

The waves crash against the rocky shore,
Creating the sound of gunshots fired,
Reminding me of the night my parents died,
Shot in the skirmish between the army and rebels,
I knew not who was to blamed for my loss,
Shattering my home in an unforeseen manner,
I grew up in the shadow of my elder brother,
We were the only support for each other,
As I grew up in his all encompassing affection,
I lost animosity towards the cause of my parent's death,
I felt detached from the reason of the war,
What use is it fighting for the land under your feet?
Isn't it the very same all across the Earth
Then, pray, what use is there, fighting for it?

Giving Up On Myself

Giving up on myself never seemed so easy,
I remember how you made my heart queasy,
Your eyes pierced me making love so easy,
Then why did you have to leave me so abruptly?

Giving up on the dreams I saw in your embrace,
I stand there scared when it's time to keep pace,
Lost in the memories of those cold nights,
This heart paints pictures of womanly grace.

Don't you remember the way I loved you?
Don't you feel you've lost the real you?
Don't you know how much I loved you?
Don't you remember how I hugged you?

Oh don't tell me that you had to leave,
Oh don't tell me that you never did believe,
Oh don't let me stay there alone as I grieve.

Yes, I'm talking to the girl whom I loved,
Don't just ignore the screams of my heart,
Please what did I do, to be unloved?
I think of ending it all when I see you depart.

Shooting Star And Her

I'm not a night person normally,
Her presence created an anomaly,
I now stay up all night cheerfully,
As she lies there in my lap lazily,

Her eyes glimmering delightfully,
As she looks up at me gleefully,
She turns and points to the sky merrily,
As a shooting star appears momentarily,

Her hands join in prayer for us hopefully,
A tear in my eyes and I cry heartily,
She looks at me and wipes the tears hastily,
That's when I realized she loved me unconditionally.

Courageous Liar

How easily you wear the mask of truthfulness,
I've always wondered on lonely moonlit nights,
When I first saw your facade, I didn't know,
How toxic your presence in my life would be,
You came across as that breath of fresh air,
That people yearn to meet all through their lives,
Yes, that was what you seemed to be for me,
A friend who paints you a unique perspective,
I grew to admire your outspoken behaviour,
You never liked people who loved to criticize others,
Whenever we used to go out with friends,
You were the most jolly, welcoming and comic,
As close friends you confided in me quite a bit,
Not once did I doubt your behaviour and words,
Months passed, friendship got stronger,
You knew about each of my previous flings,
I shared them with you doing a folly,
One day, someone spread a rumour about me,
Something definitely shady and uncouth,
You asked me whether it was true,
I was a little taken aback by your question,
Didn't you trust me? Or was it a pretense?

A Conversation With My Diary

Buddy what has happened?
Why have you not scribbled on me?
What happened to those nights?
When I was the only thing you wanted.

I know that you miss my touch buddy,
But, I'm not able to pour the words,
It feels as if a fairy stole them,
She stole my words and my heart,

Why didn't you feel like telling me?
After all, I've recorded the stories of your crushes
Then why are you hiding it from me?
Did something or someone replace me?

No, it's not like that, I admit I forget you!
I admit I've hidden you in a corner!
But, you know what? I regret that! I really do!
Forgive me my first and most loyal friend!

My favourite human, you're always cherished,
Come, now, paint me with the hues of ink,
Bleed your sorrows and your disappointments,
Spill secrets, moments and people on me.

Waiting For Her

I've been lurking in front of your door,
Hoping to meet you before I go away,
I remember embracing you on the floor,
My dreams taking me on a journey faraway,

I call you in the hope you'd want to see me,
You ignore my attempts to reach you,
I wait there, distraught, making a plea,
My mind questions whether our bond was true,

I remember how our hands used to entangle,
Your gaze would leave my words in shackles,
Looking at you in tears made my nerves jangle,
I would recognize you from your chuckles,

I remember your gazing at the rain,
Crying, talking about the one who left you in pain,
Telling how you'd keep catching his memory's train,
I promised that I won't give you that pain,

Now here I am, on your door, waiting patiently,
Not knowing that you've replaced me silently,
You shared your pain & troubles so conveniently,
How easy it was for you to use me so bluntly?

Sometimes In Life

Sometimes in life, we stop doing the things that we love dearly. It maybe because of our laziness. It can also be attributed to the discovery of better things to do. If you love to do a particular activity then you don't need reasons to keep doing that. For instance, there was once a young man who loved to play the guitar. He was quite adept at it. One day, his attention was grabbed by the piano. He then went on to learn it too. But, he couldn't get quite as adept at it. So remember, never stop doing what you really love.